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Top 5 Dehumidifiers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

High humidity is always a threat to our health and to the comfort of our home as it is backed up with too many hazards. Humidity can efficiently be controlled with the device called Dehumidifier.In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 dehumidifiers supplied by Vacker UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and [...]

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Dehumidifier UAE

United Arab Emirates or UAE, is a country that is engulfed in high humidity and soaring high temperatures perennially. With October-April being pleasant months as far as temperature and humidity is concerned, the summer period from June-September would make you want to stay indoors. In the summer months, the temperature could go as high as [...]

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Dehumidifier Dubai

Vacker UAE has a separate division of Dehumidifier Dubai since 2015. This Dehumidifiers Dubai Division operates from its Dubai head office. The need for a separate division was the demand for dehumidifiers alone and all the site work, design and engineering that goes along with each model. Vacker UAE believes in supplying quality dehumidifiers and [...]

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